It is on account of our most sincere commitment for quality only that we have been able to gain a huge customer base over the years. We maintain the necessity for quality in all the aspects of work process of our company, whether it be the production process, testing, after sales support or service. At the same time, we have made all the necessary efforts to introduce better quality throughout our working process. We procure the best quality raw materials from the most trusted and ISO certified suppliers with commitment to quality and delivery schedule.

In order to ensure that all our products are quality products, we use the most genuine grade raw material such as IS:318-1981 GR LTB-4 material used. In casting process, we prepare quality sand casting.

The products that we manufacture are all subject to complete quality test. All of our components are CNC machined. Besides, all the major pump components are processed, machined and produced in our manufacturing premises itself, which ensures the best quality standards for them.

Our dedicated personnel conducts and random checking of the products, whereas the labourers are motivated to check all the pieces. We take special care in the inspection of all materials and parts which are relevant to the manufacturing. We use the latest quality checking equipment, along with qualified staff to ensure that all of our products meet with the world-class quality standards.