About us


Our firm, Protech Engineers, was established in 1992 at Rajkot, which happens to be the hub in the engineering field.

We are having a very futuristic vision and are renowned as quality brand in the present competitive corporate field. The credit behind this goes to our sincere efforts and tremendous input made in order to achieve a level of quality and effectiveness in our products.

We are having a fully integrated well-built manufacturing unit with inhouse designing.

The credit behind the success of our firm goes to the well-executed management of our leads Mr. Manish Patel and Anil Patel, whose co-ordination in work and perfect understanding of the customer’s need allows us to ensure efficient working of our manufacturing unit, packing & dispatch.


Bronze and Aluminium Bronze Castings

We make use of brass and bronze as raw materials for making bushes. Generally, different alloys are having different properties of hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc. We identify the properties and thereafter manufacture bushes in various grades according to the application and customer specifications.

The bushes manufactured by us are produced using high quality graded material as per the international specifications and properties. In order to comply with the composition and achieve finest properties, we always use the right kind of material. The bronze and brass bushes made by us are prepared by using virgin metals for alloying, which greatly minimizes the impurities at the source itself and imparts the best properties to our products.

We produce from minimum 15gm to 70kg one piece or single cast from non ferrous casting along with machining facilities.

The items described above are with machining and CNC machining facilities.



  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Leaded Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze