Continuous Casting

We are actively engaged in providing a wide range of Gunmetal Casting to our esteemed clients. Brass and Bronze are extensively used in order to make bushes. Different types of alloys are having different properties of hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc. We recognize it and thereby manufacture bushes in different grades as per the application and customer requirements.

Generally, casting materials are metals or different cold setting materials, which cure after mixing two or more components together; for e.g. epoxy, concrete, plaster and clay. Most frequently, casting is used for preparing complex shapes, which would be otherwise difficult or uneconomical to prepare by making use of other methods.

Casting process simulation makes use of numerical methods in order to calculate cast component quality by considering mold filling, solidification and cooling, and gives a quantitative prediction of casting mechanical properties, thermal stresses and distortion. Simulation precisely defines a cast component’s quality up-front prior to the production.

It is possible to design the casting rigging according to the desired component properties. This is having many benefits beyond a reduction in pre-production sampling, as the exact layout of the complete casting system also leads to energy, material, and tooling savings.

The software provides support to the user in component design, the determination of melting practice and casting methoding through to pattern and mold making, heat treatment, and finishing. Due to this, a lot of cost is saved along the entire casting manufacturing process.